About Us

Our Mission

At Mohamed Taifoor Motoring, it is our mission to educate our customers on the process of owning a vehicle in Singapore. We believe ultimately in sharing knowledge regardless of the outcome.

Our Values

Integrity and Transparency

These values complement each other and are the soul of Mohamed Taifoor Motoring.


In being honest and sincere, we can better help provide you with the best advice you need.


Customer Satisfaction

Our company’s culture focuses on providing the best service before acquiring sales.


It’s a 3-step process:

1. We believe in creating strong bonds with our customers.

2. Ensure customers can obtain the best options for themselves.

3. Maintain a positive after-sales relationship with customers.


We are a call away from providing you with the service you deserve.


Authenticity and Value for money

At Mohamed Taifoor Motoring, we don’t force customers to make decisions that don’t benefit them. Our prices are compatible in the market. We strive to provide the best consultation on their queries with regards to purchasing, selling or renewal
of COE for any car.


  • Papa Pic -Recovered
    Mohamed Taifoor Mohamed
    Chief Executive Officer

    Mr Mohamed began his industry journey from assembling cars, import and export before Mohamed Taifoor Motoring first opened. He has been part of the ever-growing car industry for over twenty years.

    Mr Mohamed’s intention has always been to educate the masses about the process of buying, owning, selling and scrapping a car. Since owning a car in Singapore can be very costly, he prioritises the knowledge he imparts on his customers before they make their decision.

    Mr Mohamed wishes for his customers to understand what they are purchasing and the real cost behind owning a vehicle. Consultations include minor details such as parking expenses, changing tires and various factors that the majority overlook. His priority is to ensure his customers can maintain ownership with ease, even under the worst circumstances.


MTM History


February 14


On the 14th of February 2005, Mr Mohamed opened Mohamed Taifoor Motoring and provided his customers consistent and unbiased service since. He appeared many times on Channel News Asia and Suria to share his expertise and also wrote for the Berita Harian Papers under a segment called Cakap Pasal Kereta…
May 1


After leaving Bimantara, Mr Mohamed began a car exporting business back in Singapore. He befriended many people in the industry and have formed unbreakable bonds to this day. He exported vehicles to the UK, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Africa, Dubai, Mauritius, Cyprus and Russia. It was in those years…
March 1


Bimantara was a big part of Mr Mohamed’s career advancement in the car industry. He spent ten years from the ground up till he worked with the assembly line developing cars. He was involved in developing two cars called Cakra and Neggeleng, based on Hyundai’s Accent and Elantra.
January 1


After learning in-depth about the process of importing cars, Mr Mohamed imported cars from London to Indonesia. He made trips to Europe to meet with dealers and check on the vehicles he brought in.
June 1


Mr Mohamed continued his ambitious venture in the business industry. He started Intercontinental Cargo System, where they specialised in logistics under the transportation of goods.
July 1


A year and a half later, he started OKCarRental, where they provided long term rental cars. The company ran for a year.
January 1


Mr Mohamed worked as a driver at General Electronics when he was just twenty-one years old.